Yvon Quokka’s smile

Text and illustrations by Sara Gréselle

Smiles have always been the pride of the Quokka family. From generation to generation, laughter and cheerfulness have been the hallmarks of this friendly marsupial family.
Today, Hippolyte and Marceline are happier than ever: their long-awaited son has arrived! But little Yvon is not exactly what they expected: his smile is upside down. In short, he looks… sad.
But no matter: pranks, tickling and other pirouettes will eventually get the better of him! But as the years go by, nothing can be done.

In this book, with its gentle, expressive illustrations, Sara Gréselle tackles the subject of sadness in the face of injunctions to be happy. She talks about standards and belonging, and introduces us to the wonderful animal that is the quokka!

Age : From 5 years Size : 20 x 25 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 15.5€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-73-8 Rights sold : 


Sara Gréselle is a French illustrator and puppeteer living in Brussels. She studied arts at ENSAAMA in Paris and then attended the international movement theatre school LASSAAD in Brussels. For her, theatre and drawing are two complementary fields. Her first book, Princess Bryone, in which she illustrated a text by Ludovic Flamant, was published by Esperluète in 2019. She juggles between writing shows, making and manipulating puppets and illustrated books.