Well done!

Text by Jane Oshka
Illustrations by Paola De Narvaez

Nils fell, it was Léon who pushed him. “That’s not fair!”, he said. The anger roared in his heart, so strong that a bird just pecked the villain, Léon. “Well done!”, said Nils. He knew it – birds were on his side.

But when the whole class laughs at him, it’s real havoc that flocks of birds wreak. Nils no longer finds this funny at all, but doesn’t know how to rid himself of birds.

How could he chase them away?

Award(s) : 

White Raven 2018

Age : From 5 years Size : 22 x 28 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 14.9€ ISBN : 978-2-930358-79-6 Rights sold : 


Jane Oshka is a long-time children's bookseller. She has been trained in reading aloud to children's groups. Her texts have a strong sense of rhythm and sound. Her picturebooks Bien fait ! and Saint Nicolas vs Père Noël are published by Versant Sud Jeunesse.

Author / Illustrator

Paola De Narvaez divides her life between Brussels, Paris and Colombia. And it is in the jungle where she found her story (true!) for her first picture book, Rugissement dans la nuit. While this book is particularly colourful, inspired by the colours of the Colombian rainforest, for her second picture book, Bien fait!, she opted for the soberness of black and white and a Japanese-inspired style.