Mokélé-Mbembé’s expedition

Text and illustrations by Yannick NorY

Édouard Marlaud, a zoologist, leaves his Natural History museum to go on an expedition to the Congo. He wants to find proof of the existence of a legendary monster, the Mokélé-Mbembé. Once he arrives in Africa, he plunges into the jungle surrounding the tributaries of the Congo.

There, he photographs wildlife and despairs that he will never see the Mokélé. However, the fearsome creature is indeed there, very close by! But, every time, the zoologist takes it for another animal : when he sees its legs, he thinks he’s seeing those of an elephant, its tail becomes a snake, its body becomes the body of a hippopotamus…

Age : From 5 years Size : 22 x 28 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 14.9€ ISBN : 978-2-930358-88-8 Rights sold : Canada (French)

Author / Illustrator

Yannick NorY landed in many ports before lowering his anchor in Paris, after his training in the illustration workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. His ethnically diverse family and his travel are as much inspiration as the forests of books, the mountains of comics and oceans of museums that he continues to explore.

He has produced novel cover art at Rageot, press illustrations and collaborates with Arte publishers, CFE Editions, etc.