Lola on the shore

Text and illustrations by Teresa Arroyo Corcobado

Lola leaves her hometown and her friends to move into a lost seaside village. She likes nothing there, she’s lonely and bored.

But she discovers the sea and, little by little, she begins to love this new place and its inhabitants.

A book about uprooting, loneliness and the fear of the unknown, which takes place in a beautifull setting inspired by the Nordic seas.

Award(s) : 

Selected by dPICTUS « 100 outstanding picturebooks »

Age : From 5 years Size : 22 x 28 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 15.90€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-07-3 Rights sold : Canada (French)

Author / Illustrator

Teresa Arroyo Corcobado is a Spanish illustrator who lives in Brussels. She studied graphic design and visual communication in Madrid, fine arts in Edinburgh and Granada, and finally illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

At the present time, she divides her time between her work as an illustrator and other freelance projects – putting on a multi-disciplinary show and facilitating artistic course for young audiences.