There is also a T.rex, but that’s not the subject

Text by Julie Douine
Illustrations by Noémie Favart

Édith and her dad Bachir live in a block of flats in the Poppy Estate, a misnomer because there are no flowers, only concrete. Bachir likes to tell Édith about the places they pass, but in a funny way: « Here, 503 years ago, a family of wolves is resting in the heather », or « In this place, 67 million years ago, a female T.rex is sniffing out her next snack ».
Édith takes her turn at pointing out a spot: « Right there, in 111 years, there will be a big cedar tree ». Well, they have to do everything they can to make sure that tree grows there! As the cedar grows, it becomes a meeting place for local residents. Time goes by, and the town changes around it.
A social picturebook, as funny as it is moving, that talks about transmission, ecology and living together. With the chance appearance of a hungry female T. rex!

Publication : 6 Sep 2024 Age : From 5 years Size : 21 x 31 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 16.90€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-85-1 Rights sold : 


Julie Douine is a French actress. She runs emotional intelligence workshops and creates and performs improv shows. Her latest show, Il était une fois demain, gives strength to desirable futures. She was born on a Sunday, and according to the comic strip Isabelle, that means you can see the fairies. One day, she decided to send her text to Versant Sud Jeunesse and the editors fell in love! There's also a T.rex, but that's not the subject of her first book.

Author / Illustrator

Noémie Favart is an illustrator from Brussels who graduated from the art schools of Saint-Luc and La Cambre. She likes to produce colourful, expressive and patterned images.

A great believer in procrastination and running around, perhaps one day she will write a story about being late. In the meantime, she has gone to the bottom of the garden to watch the ladybirds and snails.