The seed and the building

Text and illustrations by Almudena Pano

After years of travelling, Bo decides to settle in a small cabin. Not far away, orders are given for the construction of a gigantic building. Who is to blame for this whim: a king, an empress, a banker or a president? Work begins and the workers undergo the hard labour of construction.
Bo drops a seed from his bread on the ground. It germinates, takes root and a tree begins to grow.

Time passes, and both the building and the tree grow taller. The building swelled out of all proportion, leaving no room for anything else. The workers, like ants, lost their way.

One spring day, a hole appeared near the tree. The workers, who had made their way underground, climb out. Together, they begin to imagine a new life and, with Bo, build a small village.

This book is a political fable about power and what matters and what doesn’t, depending on how you look at it.

Publication : 4 Oct 2024 Age : From 6 years Size : 17 x 22 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 16.50€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-87-5 Rights sold : 

Author / Illustrator

Almudena Pano is a Spanish author-illustrator living in Brussels. After having oriented herself towards the artistic branch, she trained in graphic design and pursued a career in the world of advertising, which took her from Spain to Belgium. She decided to reshuffle her cards and went back to studying illustration at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. At the same time, she and Elisa Sartori created the art collective 10eme Arte, dedicated to the creation of murals. Their works are present in the public space, as well as in shops, bars, concert halls…

Histoire en morceaux, her first book, won the Prix de la Première œuvre jeunesse de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. She also wrote and illustrated the acclaimed comic strip Gloria (Rue de l'échiquier). With 10eme Arte, she illustrated the poet Lisette Lombé's text A hauteur d'enfant (CotCotCot) (The BRAW amazing bookshelve 2024).