And here

Text and illustrations by Valentine Laffitte

A journey that takes the reader from a ground-level view to an aerial perspective. From page to page, the eye travels upwards and away. From the underground galleries of insects and the height of a blade of grass, you rise to catch a glimpse of a rabbit, children playing on a rock, deer on the edge of the forest. You perch on a tree branch, and finally you become a bird. Everywhere, a multitude of hearts beat, imperceptible. How many lives are there here? And here?

Valentine Laffitte explores everything from the near to the far, from detail to the whole. Between suggestion and precision, she takes her eye around from different points of view. Plants, animals and people are represented as species inhabiting a whole. Her precise, sculptural cut-paper work immerses us in scenes teeming with life.

Age : From 4 years Size : 30 x 22 cm Volume : 32 pages Price : 16.5€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-81-3 Rights sold : 

Author / Illustrator

Valentine Laffitte is a young French illustrator living in Brussels. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She regularly exhibits her work and holds workshops for children. Her work is typified by cut paper collages. She paints large sheets of paper, creating finely nuanced colours and then cuts them into different shapes and brings them together in a collage. Both her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works give a sense of depth and volume. In her book she cleverly brings together text and image.