Growing up

Text and illustrations by Valentine Laffitte

From the grey days of autumn to the bright days of spring, Freja experiences small adventures, tiny events, all those things that make you grow up.

Staying at home on rainy days, remembering the summer, walking in the cold, waiting for the sun, listening to the frogs talk, climbing in the trees, a little higher every year. Of all this, memories remain, and the traces they leave in oneself.

Valentine Laffitte works with paper cut-outs in a delicate way in this evocative and poetic book.

Age : From 4 years Size : 16 x 24 cm Volume : 32 pages Price : 13.50€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-57-8 Rights sold : 

Author / Illustrator

Valentine Laffitte is a young French illustrator living in Brussels. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She regularly exhibits her work and holds workshops for children. Her work is typified by cut paper collages. She paints large sheets of paper, creating finely nuanced colours and then cuts them into different shapes and brings them together in a collage. Both her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works give a sense of depth and volume. In her book she cleverly brings together text and image.