Text and illustrations by Clarisse Lochmann

Summer seems to stretch on forever. Old Josette is looking after Angèle and Clément, who don’t know what to do to entertain themselves. « What if it were Christmas? » asks Clément. Josette, woken from her slumber, goes out without saying a word, then comes back with a plastic Christmas tree. And off we go to get ready for the party! Objects are wrapped up for presents, lights are put up, and all the curious neighbours are invited to celebrate this summer Christmas.

Clarisse Lochmann delights us with her transparent, diffuse colour illustrations. The illustrator’s brushes suggest more than they outline, in a controlled blur that conveys moods and sensations. The colours of this project evoke the sunshine of a summer afternoon, its clarity and warmth.

Age : From 3 years Size : 14.50 x 22 cm Volume : 44 pages Price : 14.90€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-80-6 Rights sold : Available

Author / Illustrator

Clarisse Lochmann was born in Nantes in 1990. She studied Graphic Design in Paris. Her artistic practice focuses on the interplay of colour and transparency: she combines hand-painted illustrations (in ink, for example) with shapes that she draws on the computer. The confrontation of these two techniques creates spaces of contrasts that she loves to play with.

She has illustrated Même les crocodiles n'ont pas sommeil (text by Stéphanie Demasse-Pottier, Cépages), Fin d'été (text by Stéphanie Demasse-Pottier, L'Étagère du bas), and written and illustrated La passoire and Dans la file (L'atelier du poisson soluble).