Far away, the lights

Text and illustrations by Elis Wilk

A little girl leaves the Parisian suburbs to move to a small country village, accompanied by her sisters and her parents. From now on, nature surrounds her as far as the eye can see. She adapts to her new life, misses her old one and is amazed by this world where everything is to be discovered. Butterflies and bats flutter around at night. Herons and coypu live next to the river, which carries eels and catfish. When the flood waters invade the road, her father takes her to school by tractor. Hollow trees become castles, and the little dog becomes a real wolf.

The imagination of childhood blends with real events in this autobiographical project by Elis Wilk. Rather than a bucolic idealization, she delivers an intimate, accurate and nuanced account. Poetry runs throughout the book, the better to evoke the power of the sensations.

Age : From 6 years Size : 16 x 22 cm Volume : 88 pages Price : 17.5€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-69-1 Rights sold : Italy

Author / Illustrator

Elis Wilk studied Political Science at Lyon before escaping to Poland where she encountered the theatre and graphic arts. She worked for four years at the Théâtre de Villejuif before going to Naples and Brussels to study illustration. As an illustrator, she published several children’s picture books (with ‘A pas de loup’ and ‘Le Diplodocus’) and works for the international press. She regularly organizes workshops and classes.