The island with two crabs

Illustrations by Loïc Gaume

A long time ago, on a little island hidden deep in the ocean, the animals lived without feathers, shells, hair or fur. Madame Bouba, who possessed certain powers, decided to give them all some fine clothes to wear. Just two animals missed out on the call: Petit-Bernard and Grosse-Pince, two carefree crustaceans who went about the place stealing coconuts.

Inspired by a traditional Kanak legend (New Caledonia).

Age : From 4 years Size : 18.5 x 25 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 14.5€ ISBN : 978-2-930938-40-0 Rights sold : 

It's in the press

In addition to the beauty of the story, it is Loïc Gaume’s illustrations that really hit the spot. His graphic proposal extends Alzial’s rewriting work in an offbeat way.

There is an impression of great harmony between the essentially narrative text and the more contemplative images, vibrant with poetry and carrying the imagination because of their minimalism. It is a rare gift that Sylvain Alzial and Loïc Gaume offer us.


Sylvain Alzial is a documentalist at Radio France. He has produced programmes for France Culture and France Inter. Passionate
traditional cultures, he writes adaptations of tales. He is notably the author of Panthera tigris (Rouergue) and Chapeau les singes ! (Sarbacane).

Author / Illustrator

Loïc Gaume is a French author, illustrator and graphic artist who lives in Brussels. His comic strip animation work is published in Les Détails, the publishing organisation which he created, and in L’Association (a Lapin review). He also contributes to the children's review Cuistax. His first album, Contes au carré [Square Tales], was published by Thierry Magnier in September 2016 an receive the Opera Prima price in 2017 at the Bologna Ragazzi Awards.

He is the author of Clac, la trappe !,Plus de place ! and L'île aux deux crabes, published by Versant Sud Jeunesse, and also Catastrophes (published by Thierry Magnier).