Ludovic Flamant


Ludovic Flamant was born in 1978 in Namur (Belgium). He was first noticed by the Prix International Jeunes Auteurs in 1995 and 1996, followed by a first play in 2002 and a first novel for adults in 2003. His first album for young people was released in 2005 by Pastel and he has been mainly writing for children since then, with about twenty albums to his credit (Pastel de L’école des loisirs, Thierry Magnier, Les fourmis rouges, Bayard, Esperluète…) for numerous illustrators including Pascal Lemaître, Louis Joos, Emmanuelle Houdart, Jean-Luc Englebert, Émilie Seron, Delphine Perret, Émile Jadoul… Apart from his work as a library animator, he also continues to have projects for the theatre and movies.