A peculiar tree

Text and illustrations by Camille Van Hoof

One day, Nina notices a peculiar looking tree in the forest. The next day, it had moved. Strange!

Nina decides to go and have a look but gets lost in the woods. She hears heavy footsteps pounding towards her. She runs away but comes face to face with a friendly looking giant. She takes him home to look after him.

What will her ten sisters have to say?

Age : From 4 years Size : 22 x 28 cm Volume : 40 pages Price : 14.50€ ISBN : 978-2-930358-73-4 Rights sold : 

Author / Illustrator

Camille Van Hoof is a 23-year-old Belgian illustrator. After studying illustration, she published her first book in 2015 (Les petits Commandeurs with Valérie Larrondo at Le Seuil), before continuing her studies at La Cambre.

She compulsively fills her sketchbooks with sensitive and amusing impressions of places where she lived (Paris, Cheltenham, Brussels).